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  • Organization of foreign patient visits to Japanese hospitals

    Organization of visits of foreign patients seeking to receive examination or treatment at Japanese medical institutions

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Inbound business

More information about the issue of “Organization of foreign patient visits to Japanese hospitals ”

PJL Inc. organizes visits of foreign patients who are seeking to receive examination and treatment in Japanese medical facilities.
This business activity was started in 2005. After the Japanese government introduced medical visas in 2011, PJL Inc. was registered at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan as a guarantor of medical visa for foreign citizens.

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PLJ Inc. arranges consultations with reference doctors on the basis of medical information received from foreign patients and makes inquiries to the appropriate medical institutions to ensure that they can accept those patients for examination or treatment.

The company also provides services related to patients’ travel, including visa support, fixing appointments at hospitals for the initial consultation, sending out interpreters and making translations of medical documents etc.
We treat every case very carefully, and the quality of our services is highly evaluated not only by patients, but also by medical facilities with which we cooperate.

Services from the moment of receiving a patient request to the moment of the patient arrival in Japan

  1. Receiving inquiries
    (from patients, doctors conducting treatment etc.)

    Inquiries are received from patients via PJL’s website, by e-mail or by phone.

  2. Clarification of patients' needs and wishes

    We clarify patients’ wishes (purpose, period of travel etc.)

  3. Coordination and communication with medical facilities

    We make inquiries to the medical facilities to check if they can accept the patient or not, inquiries regarding the expected period of treatment, estimated medical cost, other service cost etc.

  4. Offer to the patients

    We recommend the patients the examination/treatment plans explaining what kind of medical services the Japanese medical facilities can provide.

  5. Making reservations

    We make necessary reservations on behalf of the patients at the medical facilities.

  6. Arrangement of travel to Japan

    Together with the selected medical institutions we compile a detailed schedule of examination or treatment of patients and provide visa support, we arrange accommodation for the patients (hotels, apartments, etc.)

  7. Preparing for the consultation

    We arrange a pick up service at the airport, if necessary. We explain to the patient in advance the rules and regulations in a medical institution.

  8. Interpreter and translator services

    We send our medical interpreters to the hospitals and, if necessary, provide document translation services.

  9. Returning home

    If necessary, we arrange transfer to the airport with/without interpreter.

  10. Service after the patient returns to his/her country.

    After returning to home country, patients can contact us at any time.

Examples from the experience in the organization of treatment for foreigners in Japan

Cardiovascular department
catheter examination, placement of stents
gall bladder stones, surgical treatment of colorectal cancer, liver cirrhosis, inguinal hernia
Department of Respiratory Surgery
chemotherapy for lung cancer
treatment of meningioma, craniotomy of the brain tumor, radiotherapy, brain tumor immunotherapy, rehabilitation
examination for Parkinson's disease
screening for diabetes and training for self-monitoring, follow-up examination after thyroid treatment
examination of the spine, treatment of the spine and rehabilitation
treatment of prostate adenoma, treatment of calculus
Oral surgery
treatment of salivary gland cancer
treatment of meningioma
Infertility treatment

PET (Positron Emission Tomography),Comprehensive examination of the brain

Inquiry form

Patient's name (Surname, First name)
Date of birth
DateMonth Year
E-mail address
Country of residence
Request for visa support service
Purpose of inquiry

Will somebody accompany the patient?
Medical history(what kind of treatment have you received by now?)
Patient's current condition(good, satisfactory, poor)
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